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Secure Shell (SSH)

SSH (Secure Shell) is composed of two types, namely SSH free or free, and there is also SSH premium or paid. Free SSH usually only lasts a few days. However, this still depends on the owner how long he made the limit. Generally, the server owner will change his user and password after three days so that the free SSH user will have to find and create it again. For those of you who are beginners, this might be rather troublesome and confusing, even though there are actually many websites that provide free SSH accounts. So here are the conclusions or points regarding free SSH.

You can get it without paying. The active period that is shorter can be just one or three days or a maximum of one week. The speed is also limited because it's free. If there is a problem, there is no support from the provider. To get it you have to fight because many people are looking for it.

Those are some points that distinguish free SSH and premium SSH. You can choose between the two types of SSH. If you choose one of them there are certainly consequences you get. For example, if you choose a free SSH, the advantages do not need to pay, but the lack of speed and active period is certainly not guaranteed and shorter. In contrast to premium SSH the speed and active period is longer but you can get this SSH for a fee.